Gereral Due Dates

Doctoral Degree Requirements

PhD Checklist - 2018


Program of Study ‐ a form listing the courses that will be applied towards the Ph.D.; only for students in programs that do not require a Qualifying Examination; should be submitted after the first year of enrollment

Certification of Foreign Language/Computer Competence
– not required for all degree programs; should be submitted once the requirement has been met

Report on Qualifying Examination/ Request for Applicancy | Co-Chairs Version
– verification of results of the Qualifying Exam; must include curriculum outline of courses completed and to be completed for the Ph.D.; should be submitted after the second year of full‐time enrollment

Report on General Examination
| Co-Chairs Version – verification of results of the General Exam; must include curriculum outline of courses completed and to be completed for the Ph.D. unless there are no changes to what was approved at the time of the Qualifying Examination. Due to the Graduate School at least the semester prior to the semester in which you will be graduating (Fall: May 15, Spring: October 1, Summer: March 1)

Request for Doctoral Examination
| Co-Chairs Version – required in anticipation of dissertation defense date; should be submitted no later than two weeks prior to the scheduled defense

 Manuscript Format Check – degree candidates have to upload their manuscript to the UNO Thesis/Dissertation Collection in ScholarWorks for review by the Graduate School of the format; Upload must be completed no later than 5 weeks before Commencement; students should consult the current version of the Thesis & DissertationManual before uploading their manuscript for review

Dissertation Approval Form
| Co-Chairs Version – evidence of approval of the thesis by committee; two‐page form; students must sign twice on the first page; committee signs on the second page; title on the form must be identical to the title as it appears on the manuscript; due the last week of the month preceding Commencement. Please see the Thesis and Dissertation Format Manual

ProQuest Author Agreement Form
– ProQuest Dissertation Publishing is the agency that microfilms our dissertations. You pay for the cost of the microfilming when you pay your graduation fees. You must complete the author agreement form in order for ProQuest to process your manuscript

Two microform copies are stored in separate climate and humidity controlled vaults which meet all Library of Congress qualifications. Each microform copy meets exacting ANSI standards, and the digital copy is backed up in several locations. Each approach will ensure the long term preservation of your dissertation or thesis).

Although the Graduate School collects the fees and agreement forms for distribution, PQIL is an agency independent of the University of New Orleans. Any agreement between students and PQIL for optional services such as copyright registration, or discounted copies of your dissertation, in addition to the decision on options of access are also independent of UNO. Students are encouraged to make copies of the Author Agreement form for their records before turning them in to the Graduate School office.

Application for Graduation
- How a student is officially added to the University graduation list. Check Student Calendar for due dates.

Survey of Earned Doctorates
– The Survey of Earned Doctorates (SED) began in 1957–58 to collect data continuously on the number and characteristics of individuals receiving research doctoral degrees from all accredited U.S. institutions. The SED is sponsored by the following 6 federal agencies: National Science Foundation (NSF), National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Education, U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Endowment for the Humanities, and National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Request for Extension of the time limit

Students admitted prior to Fall 2012

  • All requirements towards a Master's degree must be completed within 8 calendar years.
  • All requirements towards a Doctoral degree must be completed within 13 years of admission.

Students admitted or re-admitted after a 5-year absence Fall 2012 and thereafter

  • All requirements towards a Master's degree must be completed within 6 calendar years.
  • All requirements towards a Doctoral degree must be completed within 6 calendar years of completing the General Examination.