Parking / Tolls

New Orleans Airport Parking:  The State has contracted with Park-N-Fly for New Orleans Airport parking. The contracted rate is $7.00 per day / $42.00 weekly, and is state sales tax exempt.  Any amount exceeding $7 per day / $42 weekly for New Orleans Airport parking cannot be reimburse per PPM-49. 

To receive the state's contracted rate at Park-N-Fly, reservations can be made on-line. The booking portal automatically generates the state's contracted rate, and is prepaid. A corporate code is no longer needed, and no other documentation will be required to receive this rate for online reservations. 

For Park N-Fly reservations made not using the state's online booking portal, a UNO employee ID card along with a completed tax exempt form must be submitted when leaving the facility to receive the state's contracted rate. Please ensure state sales tax is removed from the invoice prior to leaving Park-N-Fly, since state tax is a non-reimbursable expense per PPM-49. 

Non-Airport Parking:  Travelers using motor vehicles on official UNO business may be reimbursed for all other parking, including non-New Orleans Airport parking.  For each transaction over $5, an itemized receipt is required.

Parking is allowed at hotel and can be charged on a hotel invoice if a personal or rental vehicle is used during travel.

Tolls:  Ferry fares and road / bridge tolls are reimbursable purchases. For each transaction over $5, an itemized receipt is required.