Veterans Affairs Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for admission?

The application for admission is available online. Once the application has been submitted, the prospective student should send supporting information required for admission. For persons who have never attended college, an official copy of your high school transcript showing completion of the program is required or proof of GED completion. Depending upon the length of time an applicant has been out of school, the ACT or SAT test scores may be required. For persons with previous college work, transcripts from each college attended need to be provided by the issuing institution. The same is true of persons applying to graduate programs even though a transcript may contain coursework from multiple institutions. Depending on the specific graduate program, test scores (e.g., GRE, GMAT) may be required either at the point of application or within a specified period of time after admission.


How do I pay for my education at the University of New Orleans?

Depending upon the chapter under which a student is enrolled, will depend upon whether funds are sent directly to the student or to the institution. The University will directly bill the VA for persons enrolling under the Post 9/11 GI Bill based on information available at the time of this publication. Billing the applies to the Post 9/11 legislation is handled through the Office of Financial Aid.

Before most veterans assistance programs can be activated for an individual, all forms must be completed. A list specific program information along with the specific forms related to the program can be found on the Veterans Affairs Office homepage. In instances other than for students enrolling under the Post 9/11 GI Bill, students may have to come up with the funds to cover tuition and fees until their benefits are in place. The University does have a limited payment plan (EPPO) available for Spring and Fall semester enrollments.

What kinds of Student Financial Aid are available?

Most student financial aid (loans, grants and/or scholarships) is need based, however depending upon some variables such as grade point average and test scores of individuals applying as freshmen, academic interest, and timing of application for admission (the earlier the receipt of the admission application, the more opportunities that may be available.) Prospective graduate students should also contact the academic department of their proposed major as graduate and/or teaching assistantships may be available. It is highly recommended that any person seeking student financial assistance complete the FAFSA form found at No federal awards can be made without the completion of this form. FAFSA processing can take up to eight weeks. For more information about opportunities available through the UNO Student Financial Aid Office.

Financial Aid

Ann Lockridge
Financial Aid Counselor
Phone: 504-280-6674
Financial Aid Office | FAFSA Form

What is Satisfactory Academic Progress?

The Federal Government requires each institution to review student’s Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). To be considered for Federal Aid, students must be in "good standing" academically, and enrolled in an eligible curriculum. This is to assure recipients are maintaining the required cumulative overall GPA level, and the total ratio of earned/pursued hours, in accordance with the institution’s policy. Students must meet SAP in order to retain financial aid eligibility.

Additional information concerning Satisfactory Academic Progress
Are Work Study Opportunities Available?

Both the Federal Work Study Program administered through the UNO Student Financial Aid Office and the Veterans Work Study Opportunity are available at UNO. The Veterans Work Study Opportunity is administered by the Veterans Affairs area within the Office of the Registrar.

If I am a VA Dependent or Spouse and Qualify for Assistance, where do I go?

Once you have made application for admission, contact the Veterans Affairs Coordinator in the Office of the Registrar to work through the applicable chapter or program requirements .

Veteran Affairs

Faith Cutrera
Veterans Coordinator
Phone: 504-280-6992

How Do I Know if I am Eligible to Receive Credit for My Military Experiences?

Persons who have received military credit through study while in-service (mostly officer or specialized training), should supply transcripts of said credit to the Office of Admissions at the beginning of the admissions process. Admissions will verify if credit may be awarded and what should be awarded through collaboration with the American Council on Education and in accordance with University of New Orleans policies. More information may be obtained by contacting the Office of Admissions.

Learn more about credit from military service schools
I Need Academic Advising – Where Do I Go?

The Admissions Counselor working with service personnel, their dependents and spouses will be glad to set up an advising appointment with a faculty member or academic counselor in your area of interest. Contact the Office of Admissions to set up an appointment at 504/280-6595 or 800/256-5UNO.

I’m a member of the National Guard. How do I get a National Guard Tuition waiver?

National Guard Tuition Waivers are available at UNO, however, authorization for eligibility and benefits must be processed through the appointing authority within your National Guard unit.

I’m on active duty. What if my unit is deployed?

Any service person whose unit is deployed should provide a copy of their orders indicating deployment to the University Registrar, Administration Building 112. A family member who has been legally authorized by the service person to act on his/her behalf can provide that documentation should the individual not be able to do so prior to deployment. In accordance with state and federal laws, the student will be withdrawn from the semester/term and any monies owed to the student will be refunded.


The University has a variety of on-campus living options.

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What other programs and services are available to help me academically?

The University of New Orleans offers a wide variety of non-academic and academic support programs that supports students and their interests. They include a state-of-the-art recreation center, intramural sports, services for students with disabilities, student health services, a variety of student activities from lectures, concerts, special observances, counseling services, career counseling and more.

The University of New Orleans, which provides high-quality education to all of its students, is particularly committed to working with present and former military personnel and their families. Please consider the excellent educational opportunities we offer. We hope to see you on our campus soon.