How to Calculate Your Completion Ratio


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Step One: Attempted Hours

Add all hours attempted including Ws, Is, P/S/Us, Fs, X/Fs, AUs, U/Ws, CLEP Courses, AP courses, repeat/deletes, suspended grades, and graded course work. Include all hours attempted at all schools attended throughout your entire academic career. WEBSTAR only counts course work towards degree and GPA, but for Federal Student Aid purposes, we must hold you accountable for all courses attempted throughout your entire
academic history.

Transfer students must have a completion ratio of at least 70% on work attempted at UNO and must have a 70% completion ratio on work attempted elsewhere at other schools regardless if they received aid for the course work.

Post Baccalaureate students must successfully complete at least 70% of the work attempted as a Post Baccalaureate student while maintaining an overall completion ratio of 70%.

Graduate students must count all work attempted regardless of the matriculation level of the course work attempted. Graduate students must count undergraduate course work attempted while pursuing the graduate degree.

Step Two: Earned Hours Towards Degree

Add all earned hours towards a UNO degree, even if you switched majors. This information is given on WEBSTAR as Hours Earned. Repeated course work can count only once as earned. In order for the credit hours to count as “earned,” the credit hours must be applicable towards the degree. Graduate prep courses (those which fall under an approved Graduate Petition Form) will count towards earned hours.

Step Three: Percentage Calculation

Divide the number of hours you have earned by your total number of attempted hours and then convert into a percentage. For example for UNO-only student:

Total hours attempted: 72
Total hours earned: 65
Divide 65 by 72 = .902
Your completion ratio is 90%

We do not round up percentages to qualify students for Federal Student Aid.