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Degree Requirements | Psychology (B.S.)

The information below reflects the degree requirements for the current academic year. To view degree requirements from the academic year you began the degree program, please see our list of printable degree requirements.

Curriculum in Psychology

The Psychology Department offers a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Students must complete 30 hours with a grade of C or better in each course in their major; at least 15 of these hours must be earned at UNO. In addition, a grade of C or better is required in ENGL 1158 and each science and math course taken for degree credit.

College of Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

General Education Requirements
Course Name/ # Credit Hours  Course Name/#  Credit Hours
English    BIOS or Physical Science2  6
ENGL 1157 3  Humanities  
ENGL 1158 or 11591 3  FORL Sequence3  6
Mathematics    Literature3  3
MATH 1115 or MATH 1125 3  Social Sciences  
MATH 2314 1,4 3  Social Science Electives3  6
Science    Arts  
BIOS2 3  Arts Elective3  3
    Total 39
Other Requirements
Course Name/ # Credit Hours  Course Name/#  Credit Hours
CSCI 1000 3  Science Electives  5
Humanities Elective5 3  Social Science Electives (2000+)6  6
Literature 3  Other Electives  20
Science Labs7 2  PSYC Electives8  9
    Total 51
Course Requirements for Major
Course Name/ # Credit Hours  Course Name/#  Credit Hours
PSYC 1000  3  Psychology Foundational Courses9  9
PSYC 3300 3  Required Psychology Electives10  15
PSYC 4000 (exit exam)  0    
    Total 30
Total Credit Hours Required Credit Hours
Additional Requirements
Minimum grade of C in all science courses (BIOS, CHEM, CSCI, EES, MATH, PHYS, PSYC)
  1. "C" or better required
  2. 9 hours in science to include a 6 hour sequence in one science and 3 hours in another. One of the sciences must be BIOS and the other must be CHEM, EES, or PHYS. Select the 6 hour sequence from BIOS 1073 and 1083 (recommended), or CHEM 1017 and 1018, or PHYS 1031 and 1032, or PHYS 1061 and 1062.
  3. Check General Education Courses to confirm what courses fulfill this requirement.
  4. Select from ANTH, ECON, GEOG, POLI, SOC, or URBN. Check General Education Courses to confirm what courses fulfill this requirement.
  5. Humanities Electives - FTA, ENGL, Foreign Language, HIST, PHIL, or WGS.
  6.  Social Science classes may include PSYC.
  7. Select science labs that correspond with the 6 hour science sequence taken for general education requirements. Select from BIOS 1071 and 1081, or CHEM 1007 and 1008, or PHYS 1033 and 1034, or PHYS 1063 and 1065.
  8. Elective hours of Psychology may be chosen from any course in PSYC not counted in the Major Requirements (including but not limited to PSYC 1520, 2091, 3090, 3095, 3099, 4091).
  9.  Foundational courses must be chosen from PSYC 2100, 2340, 2380, 2400, and 3320. At least one course must be at the 3000 level. 
  10.  Required hours of Psychology must include three courses (9cr) must be at the 3000 level or above.