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Biological Sciences ScholarWorks@UNO

Nicola M. AnthonyDr. Nicola M. Anthony
Professor, Freeport-McMoran Chair in Wildlife Sustainability

Ph.D. Cambridge University

103A Biology Building

Insect and vertebrate molecular ecology, historical biogeography and population genetics; conservation genetics

Anthony Lab
Central African Duiker Project
Central African Biodiversity Alliance

Dr. Joel AtallahDr. Joel Atallah
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. University of Toronto


200 Biology Building

Developmental biology, Drosophila genetics, genomics, bioinformatics

Atallah Lab

Charles D. Bell, Ph.D.Dr. Charles D. Bell
Associate Professor
Ph.D. Yale University


209 Biology Building

Phylogenetic systematics & biogeography of plants

The Bell Plant Evolution & Phylogenetics Lab

Dr. Mary ClancyDr. Mary Clancy
Associate Professor
Ph.D. Princeton University


226 Biology Building

Molecular genetics of regulation of meiosis and sporulation in yeast

Philip DeVries, Ph.D.Dr. Philip DeVries
Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin


207 Biology Building

Insect diversity, ecology, evolution, and conservation biology in broad contexts

DeVries' Lab @ UNO
Karl Jordan Medal

John H. Horne, Ph.D.Dr. John H. Horne
Professor of the Practice
Ph.D. Duke University


211 Biology Building

Discipline-based education research, active learning, inquiry-based learning, and collaboration for teaching. Developmental neuroscience, cell biology of olfactory system development, zebrafish molecular genetics and fluorescent imaging.

Curriculum Vitae

Jerome Howard, Ph.D.Dr. Jerome Howard
Associate Professor
Ph.D. University of Iowa


221 Biology Building

Plant-animal interactions, biology of social insects, behavioral ecology and conservation biology, biology of invasive species

Howard Lab

Steve Johnson, Ph.D.Dr. Steve Johnson
Professor and Dean of the College of Sciences
Ph.D. University of Kansas


LA 133

Conservation genetics; evolutionary ecology; evolution of sex; host-parasite interactions.

Johnson's Lab @ UNO
Col. Allan Millett, Ph.D.Dr. Simon Lailvaux
Associate Professor, Virginia Kock/Audubon Nature Institute Chair in Species Preservation
Ph.D. Tulane University


120 Biology Building

Sexual selection, physiological and evolutionary ecology, whole-organism performance.

Integrative Ecology and Evolution Lab @ UNO

Zhengchang Liu, Ph.D.Dr. Zhengchang Liu
Associate Professor
Ph.D. University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center


227 Biology Building

Signal Transduction Pathways in Yeast

Liu's Lab @ UNO

Carla Penz, Ph.D.Dr. Carla Penz
Professor, Doris Zemurray Stone Chair in Biodiversity
Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin


2093 Science Building

Insect biology and diversification, with particular emphasis on phylogenetic systematics in Neotropical butterflies

Penz Lab @ UNO

Michael Pirrier, Ph.D.Dr. Michael Poirrier
Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. LA State University 


115 Biology Building

Invertebrate Zoology and Aquatic Ecology.

Bernard Rees, Ph.D. Dr. Bernard Rees
Professor, Greater New Orleans Foundation Chair in Aquatic Conservation
Ph.D. University of Colorado


234 Biology Building

Comparative biochemistry and physiology; Adaptation of aquatic animals to low oxygen; Environmental control of gene expression; Proteomics in comparative biology.

Wendy Schluchter, Ph.D. Dr. Wendy Schluchter
Professor and Chair
Ph.D. Penn State University


232 Biology Building

Microbial physiology; cyanobacterial photosynthesis; biosynthesis of light-harvesting proteins and environmental influences on gene expression

Selected Work