NAME Facilities

The School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering is located in a modern, state-of-the-art, nine-story engineering building. This building houses specialized laboratory facilities which include:

  • A 128 ft long towing tank with a 15 ft x 7 ft cross section for model tests of 8-12 ft long models of ships and offshore structures in calm water and in waves, as well as in shallow water with current.
  • A Model Shop for projects and for towing tank model and experiment manufacture.
  • The UNO Structural Test System, a 20 ft x 20 ft wide and 10 ft high space frame with computer controlled hydraulic actuators for testing aluminum, steel and composite ship structural components.
  • A Computer-Aided Ship Design Laboratory with an array of software packages for marine design and analysis.
  • Linux High-Performance Computing Cluster - a modern 82 processor parallel computer for numerical analysis and simulation
  • A Marine Engineering Laboratory with programs on ship safety, operations, reliability, maintenance, and performance simulation of propulsion systems.

UNO-Avondale Maritime Technology Center of Excellence

Our prominent off-site facility houses the Simulation Based Design Center, which promotes the use of electronic visualization, numerical simulation, and virtual reality in marine design and construction.