Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantships are offered on the basis of test scores, prior academic achievement and predicted probability of success in the Ph.D. program. Assistantships will be renewed through the fourth year of graduate study for all assistants who are adequately performing their assigned duties and who are making substantial progress toward their degree. There is no promise of funding beyond this point, so students taking more than four years to finish their degree should plan for an alternate source of funding for their fifth and subsequent
years of study.

The Department Chair in consultation with the Graduate Coordinator assigns teaching duties to advanced doctoral students. Budget constraints and other departmental considerations determine the number of such positions. These positions are assigned only to students who have passed all of their qualifying examinations who are judged to have adequate verbal skills. Priority is given to students with superior verbal skills and academic records. It is a goal of the Department to give doctoral students who are interested in academic careers some classroom teaching experience as part of their education. Accordingly, each graduate student teaching a course will be assigned a faculty "Mentor" to help him/her in becoming a good teacher.