Tuition and Fees 

Undergraduate Estimated Yearly Cost
  Louisiana Resident Non-Louisiana Resident
Tuition & Fees (15 hours per semester) $8,854 $13,690
Housing (4-bedroom in Pontchartrain Hall) $5,415 $5,415
Meal Plan (15 meals per week + $260 declining balance) $3,250 $3,250
TOTAL $17,519 $22,355

*These rates are for Fall and Spring semesters. For Summer semester rates, please see the Complete Breakdown of Undergraduate Tuition & Fees.

Complete Breakdown of Undergraduate Tuition & Fees
Graduate Estimated Yearly Cost
  Louisiana Resident Non-Louisiana Resident
Tuition & Fees (9 hours per semester)
$8,892 $13,462
TOTAL $8,892 $13,462

*These rates are for Fall and Spring semesters. ngineering and MBA course fees are not included in this breakdown. For Summer rates, please see the Complete Breakdown of Graduate Tuition & Fees.

Complete Breakdown of Graduate Tuition & Fees
I-20 Amounts (International Students) *
Graduate MBA
Tuition & Fees $13,990 $14,230 $17,438
Books & Insurance $3,032 $3,032 $3,032
Living Expenses $12,219 $12,219 $12,219
Total Fall & Spring $29,241 *(1) $29,481  *(2) $32,693
  *1 Engineering $29,541    
  *2 MS Engineering/MBA   $29,977  

* For each dependent, additional $3,000 USD is required.

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Fee Descriptions

  • Fee Descriptions



    State Surcharge (Credit Card Convenience Fee)

    The University will charge a 2.5% Credit Card Convenience Fee for all credit and debit card payments toward tuition and fees. This fee is in accordance with Louisiana Revised Statute 49:316.1, and it allows public institutions of higher education to recover some of the costs paid by the University for credit/debit card payments.  This fee does not apply to e-check payments.

    Posting Credit Fee

    This fee is not assessed on incoming freshmen or transfer students for placement tests or any credit earned before the first day of classes. Any credit that is earned externally and appears after the first day of classes will be subject to this fee. Any credit earned through Standing Exams for courses will also be subject to this fee.

    Utility Surcharge (Fuel Recovery)

    The fee is used to meet energy costs which exceed the University's allotted energy budget. All funds collected are restricted and can only be applied to energy costs that exceed the energy budget. These funds are used only after all budgeted state dollars for utilities are expended. Utility costs are monitored in order to adjust the charge up or down as needed.

    Miscellaneous Lab Fees

    Used to enhance and maintain lab equipment/supplies to ensure students receive the best educational experience while enrolled in the University's lab courses. See the Office of the Registrar for a complete list of classes with lab fees.

    Basic Spanish I

    SPAN 1001 (3 cr.)

    Offered each semester.

    Course Description: A sequence of courses developing all four language skills: speaking, understanding, writing, and reading. The course includes the presentation and discussion of cultural material such as magazines, films, records, and other audio-visual items when feasible.

    Health Insurance Plans

    Please contact the Student Health Services Office for questions regarding insurance plans. The Student Health Services website has a table for health insurance cost breakdowns by age.

    Extended Payment Plan Option (EPPO) Fee

    A $50.00 non-refundable EPPO Fee will be assessed to all students who choose to use the EPPO. If you do not elect the EPPO and only pay the minimum balance due by the published due date, you will still be charged the $50 non-refundable EPPO fee.

    Differential Engineering Fee

    The Differential Engineering Fee ($33/credit hour on all College of Engineering courses) will be used mostly to help and support student success at UNO. We will dedicate a large portion of the fees towards student retention and student recruitment. Student enrichment sessions and small scholarships on an individual basis may be offered. A substantial portion will also be used for new laboratory equipment that is not covered under the lab fees as these are used for consumables and supplies. A smaller portion will be used to recruit and retain faculty and staff. Finally, a portion of the fees will be used to support student projects, student travel to professional conferences. A 5% will be used at the discretion of the dean to help departments with miscellaneous expenses.

    Academic Excellence Fee

    Used to enhance academic excellence at the University, including the hiring of faculty to teach additional course sections needed to meet student needs, reduction of class sizes to improve the quality of instruction, operation of instructional facilities to serve UNO's student population, and support services at the heart of the academic enterprise, notably libraries and computing. This fee is $10 per credit hour with a maximum of $120 per semester.

    Administrative Fee

    Students who withdraw within the first five business days of the semester are charged a $50 Administrative fee. In addition, all non-refundable fees (Registration/Late Registration Fee and International Fee) will stay on the student's account.

    Past semester administration fee can be viewed within the Holds, Withdrawal and Fees section of the website on the Administrative Fee Table page.

    Graduate Enhancement Fee

    This fee is a refundable fee used to support the extra expenses associated with the University's graduate school programs and is in addition to the academic excellence fee. The Graduate Enhancement Fee is applied only if a student is classified as a graduate student. The fee is $33.00 per credit hour with no maximum. (Please note that Pre-MBA students are classified as graduate students and will be charged the Graduate Enhancement Fee. Students classified as GMBA and EMBA are excluded from the fee.)

    Non-Resident Fee

    This fee is charged to accounts when the student is not a resident of Louisiana. To establish residency, please contact the Office of Admissions. Students in online programs are exempt from the non-resident fee.

    Privateer Bucks – Mandatory Meal Plan

    Privateer Bucks are a Declining Balance Meal Plan that can be used at any campus dining location including The Galley (cafeteria), The Cove, Subway, Chick-Fil-A, Brewed Awakening, and all other locations. This fee will be placed on the student's account each semester. Privateer Bucks will roll forward and can be used during a student's entire enrollment at the University. Any unused portion of this meal plan is refundable to the student upon departure from the University by contacting Campus Dining. If your meal plan has not been activated, it could mean you have a minimum balance due. Once the minimum balance is satisfied, please notify the Office of Bursar Operations to activate the meal plan.

    Privateers Spirit Fee

    Supports enhancement of the student experience at campus-life activities, including intercollegiate athletic events.

    Extended Campus Fee

    Supports the enhancement of online student support and tutoring, development of new courses and programs, and marketing of online programs.  Charges are $30/credit hour for UGRD courses and $50/credit hour for GRAD courses.

    Registration Fee

    A non refundable $10 fee assessed to full-time and part-time students for completion of the registration process.

    Student Retention Initiative Fee

    Supports academic advisement by professional, dedicated advisers and supports a new analytical tool that enhances degree completion.

    Audit Course

    Tuition and fees for audit classes are the same as enrolling in a credit course. Non-resident students will not be assessed the non-residency fee if the audit course is their only class. Please be aware that certain scholarships may not cover an audit course's tuition and fees. For any questions regarding scholarships or financial aid, please contact the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office or visit their website.

    Building Use Fee

    The Building Use Fee is authorized by House Bill 671. This fee shall be used to construct, acquire, repair, maintain, operate, or improve the facilities and physical infrastructure of this university.

    Course Add Fee

    Students will be charged $50 per day to add a course during the last four or five days of the Late Registration Period. This fee is intended to encourage students to finalize their schedule early to avoid any kind of financial or academic penalty.

    International Fee

    These funds are used by the University to better manage the increased workload caused by the growth of international student enrollments and new federal compliance requirements. Rate is $150.

    Late Registration Fee

    This fee is used to support the additional administrative costs required to adjust faculty and facility needs whenever a student enrolls during late registration. Rate is $150 and nonrefundable. To avoid this charge, please register for classes prior to the stated deadline listed on the Student Calendar. This fee is also applicable to students who have enrollment cancellation due to non-payment and re-enroll. 

    Distance Learning Fee

    This fee is used to support the extra resources utilized by enrolling in distance learning courses. The fee is imposed for each distance learning course taken by a student which includes internet, compressed video, and televised classes. (All sections in the 400 series).The rate is $20 per course enrolled.

    Off Campus Fee

    The Off Campus Fee is allocated to support the cost of maintaining satellite campus facilities, which provides students with more options for taking off campus classes. Rate is $75 per course.

    Other Mandatory Fees

    These fees are used by the University to aid in the various funding aspects of the University including campus beautification, student health services, the University Center, and a number of other items.

    MBA Fee

    The Louisiana State Legislature and Governor approved Act No. 788 which authorized the Board of Supervisors of Louisiana State University Agriculture and Mechanical College to impose a Professional Program Fee (PPF) in the MBA program at the University of New Orleans. This fee is invested to support the MBA program by reducing the size of MBA classes, increasing the number of electives through the hiring of qualified faculty, enhancing the MBA program's promotion, placement and alumni relations activities, raising the stipend of current graduate assistants, and increasing the number of available assistantships. This fee is a nonrefundable and does not apply to Pre-MBA students.

     MBA Additional Fees Fall or Spring term Summer term
    1-3 Hours $632 $663
    4-5 Hours (summer)   $977
    4-6 Hours $1,244  
    6 Hours and Up (summer)    $1173
    7-8 Hours $1,570  
    9 Hours and Up $2,000  

    Withdrawal "W" Policy

    A fee of $50 per course drop will be charged to an Undergraduate student receiving a grade of "W" for a class.

    Operational Fee

    The operational fee was imposed by the 2004 Legislature to cover unfunded state mandates. This includes increases in the retirement system costs, health insurance costs not funded through the state general fund appropriation, and the enhancement of instructional programs at the University.

    Technology Fee

    This fee is assessed at $5.00 per credit hour up to a maximum of $75 per semester. The fee is dedicated to the acquisition, installation, maintenance, and intelligent use of state-of-the-art technology, solely for the purpose of supporting and enhancing student life while preparing graduates for the workplaces of the twenty-first century.