Freshman On-Campus Housing Requirements

A University of Louisiana System policy requires that all unmarried, full-time undergraduate students regardless of age or emancipation status, live in campus residence halls as long as space is available. This policy further states that in the event a college or university under the Board of Trustees cannot provide adequate housing for students in this category, they may be exempt according to the following priorities:

  • Housing Those students residing with parents, grandparents, or married brothers/sisters.
  • Those students 21 years of age on or before the first day of classes.
  • Determined through marriage or parenthood (provide a copy of the marriage license or birth certificate.)
  • An extreme financial situation that would prevent the student from attending UNO due to on-campus living requirements.  FAFSA must be filed with UNO if you select this reason. (Attach a letter explaining circumstances).
  • Medical condition that requires special living accommodations that residential life cannot reasonably provide. (Attach doctor's note.)
  • Extenuating circumstances. (Attach detailed letter explaining circumstances.)
  • Educational requirements, to include internships, co-ops, and student teaching. (Requires Department head signature.)
Fill out the exemption form 

Because the University can only house a relatively small percent of its enrollment, the following categories have automatically been exempt in the listing if housing is at capacity: Seniors, Juniors and Sophomores.
If a student receives a University Housing Scholarship, it must be used in a University owned housing facility. Students can select their preferred housing option when space is available. Students will be placed in available accommodations as housing options reach capacity.