Campus Emergency Phone System

There are four (4) emergency blue light phones located on campus (see map) which are directly linked to the UNO Police Department.  When the call button is pushed, the blue light will be activated alerting those in the immediate area that a potential problem exists.  The phone will automatically dial the UNO Police Department and a police officer will answer immediately.  The blue light phones can be used to report a crime in progress, a suspicious person, a medical emergency, or a fire.

How to use

At all blue light phones simply press the call button.  The phone will be immediately connected to the UNO Police Department dispatcher. Once on the line with the dispatcher, be prepared to answer questions concerning the nature of your emergency.  A police officer will be immediately dispatch to your location and if possible, stay on the line with the dispatcher until an officer arrives.

Emergency Blue Light Phone Locations

Blue Light Phones Map