Anonymous Complaint Report

The UNO Police Department realizes that many people choose not to report an incident because of a reluctance to become involved. The form below has been created in an attempt to allow anonymous complaint reporting of incidents committed at UNO. All complaints will be investigated thoroughly.

Because the Police Officer may need information in addition to what is left by an anonymous donor, we prefer that at least a contact number be left so that we may contact you if needed. If you are contacted, your name will not be required.

More information about the making a complaint anonymously
As always, if you see anything or anyone suspicious, report it immediately to the UNO Police Department

Anonymous Complaint Report Form

Suspect Information
Vehicle Information
Details of the Incident
Personal Information

It is a Misdemeanor in the State of La. to make any written false statement which a person does not believe to be true. (R.S.14:125)

Thank You!