Business Card Order Form

Business Card Example

Business Card Style Standards


The name of your college or administrative unit will be placed under the university logo. Your department or office name will be put on the first title line.

Name and Degree Notation

No comma separates the name from the first notation. A comma does separate one notation from another.

Title Lines

The first line should be main appointment or job duty. The second through fourth lines include be secondary job duties. A vertical line separates your job title and the office that job is in.

Building Line

Your office number followed by your building name is added. This is followed by the University address. All cards must feature the University address.

Contact Information

Only four pieces of contact information can fit on a card. In order, they are placed: office phone, fax, cell phone, email, website. Office and fax numbers must be university numbers. Only email addresses will be added and web address must be a short “vanity” link, like instead of

Please request an exemption from Business Affairs for the cost of your cards. We will request a copy of your exemption when we send your proof to you.