Tomorrow Begins Here

Same look, new sound

The University of New Orleans' brand is the lived experience of all the people who interact with the University. We aren't looking to change the brand - we want to better define it. These brand messages are the framework through which people can tell their stories.

Interactive Core Messages

Tomorrow begins here. Challenge accepted.
The future is ours. We are the determined.
A shared journey.

We are the determined.
Core message

We are a university of all-time dreamers and full-time doers. We act as the conduit, connecting people to opportunity, and the catalyst that sparks ideas into action. Our strength comes from our diversity and our tenacity. Individually, we bring different perspectives, but collectively we share a vision. We live for the idea that knowledge serves progress. We are a home for those with the foresight to understand where the world is heading and the determination to align its resources and do what it takes to get there first. UNO ignites in those who dream it, the power to do it. Here you will find both innovation and true individuals.

Tomorrow begins here.
Support message 1

We're rooted in the culture of a city that won't quit. We're an economic driver in a hometown that propels us. Our 42K alumni shape the professional landscape, playing a significant role in the renaissance of New Orleans—a unique American city that is the new standard for reinvention. New Orleans remains a cultural mecca even as it transforms into a new hotspot for technology, entrepreneurship, and social innovation. It is our home as well as our learning laboratory. And what you learn here can take you just about anywhere.

Challenge accepted.
Support message 2

We've grown from a small, regional campus to the only public Carnegie-ranked research institution in New Orleans. But that doesn't mean we're resting. Far from it. We continually push ourselves to deliver unique opportunities and top-rated programs relevant to growing industries—from urban studies to our hotel, restaurant, and tourism program, to accounting programs. Because we seize the opportunities that surround us, we are also uniquely positioned to offer one of the most well-known naval architecture and marine engineering programs and one of the top film programs in the nation. We're equipping graduates with a 21st-century skill set, and serious momentum.

A shared journey.
Support message 3

UNO is where people come together. We foster a welcoming culture that finds insights in individual differences and builds a new future from our shared history. Our campus is the playing field for people who know that the UNO experience is a team effort—and not one for spectators. It's a place that pulls you in and lifts you up. Relationships define the UNO experience—whether it's the mentorship of a professor leading a team on a research project, the friendship of a roommate in the residence hall, or the support of a teammate in the heat of competition. You'll see it everywhere on our engaged campus—even more, you'll experience it. And the result is an education in how you can be the best version of you.

The future is ours.
Support message 4

We are working on building partnerships that build the future. Partnerships that erase the line between the real world and research institutions. For our students, it means exclusive opportunities like the GE Software Engineering Apprenticeship Program and working on tourism initiatives. For our business partners, it means collaboration with the professors who are generating knowledge and the opportunity to recruit the best emerging talent. For us, it means tapping into our alumni network and strengthening those professional relationships that fuel growth and momentum in the local economy. For our region and beyond, it means UNO will continue to be the institution that champions ideas, brings the best minds together, and lets nothing stand in the way of progress.