Course Content

See a Sample Syllabus

In UNIV 1001, you will be given a syllabus similar to the example listed below. Please be aware that this is a sample syllabus. You will receive your official class syllabus from your UNIV professor.

The following are the topics that UNIV 1001 offer so you will be a success at UNO:

  • Managing your time between academics, work, family, and friends
  • Discovering your personal learning style
  • Communicating with professors, staff, students, and others
  • Preparing for classes and tests (study skills topics such as note taking, test taking strategies, and memory and concentration)
  • Keeping TOPS and other scholarships
  • Learning about university resources and student activities
  • Managing stress as a new college student
  • Getting involved in community efforts to help the city of New Orleans and surrounding areas rebuild by participating in service-learning opportunities

UNIV 1001 will not only give you the “real story” of what you need to do to meet the demands of college, but also provide you with the strategies, resources, learning communities, and other forms of support to take the steps to be a UNO college graduate. Enroll now and begin your academic journey with University Success.

Student Testimonials

"In summation, I no longer feel that UNIV was a nonsense course.  I genuinely feel like I am a better student having participated In UNIV."