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StoryCorps' 'Callings' Selected As 2017-18 First Year Common Read!

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Common Read

University Success offers a number of classes to help you become meaningfully engaged in the University of New Orleans community while fostering personal, academic and social success.


welcomeThe staff of University Success is happy to assist you in becoming successful at the University of New Orleans.  In order to accomplish this goal, all first year students are required to enroll in and successfully pass UNIV 1001, an 8 week, 1 – credit, letter graded course that is designed to help you transition from high school to college.  For those students needing additional support, students will enroll in UNIV 1003, a 16 week, 1 – credit, letter graded course that is designed to enhance your learning style and study strategy.

UNIV 1001 Learning Outcomes:

  1. Develop skills to manage time, well-being, and personal resources
  2. Develop learning strategies to manage the University of New Orleans academic environment.
  3. Gather information on campus resources that support academic growth and development as UNO community members.
  4. Integrate information concerning career exploration, wellness, and involvement to become a successful, well-rounded student.

UNIV 1003 Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand UNO policies and procedures for academic standing.
  2. Identify personal, social and academic factors/obstacles that affect academic performance and implement possible solutions.
  3. Learn and develop study habits, such as memorization, test taking strategies and note-taking skills and learning styles, such as auditory, read/write and kinesthetic.
  4. Develop and utilize an Academic Success Plan throughout the semester to guide you regarding your academic endeavors.