UNIV Guidelines

UNIV 1001 has proven to be an effective measure in helping students succeed at the University of New Orleans.

  • All first-time, full-time students are required to enroll and pass (with a D or better) UNIV 1001 in their first year of enrollment (this includes students entering with dual enrollment credits).


  • Students who choose to enroll in Chem 1000, Bios 1002, or Math 1002 (must be specific major)
  • Students who enter with dual enrollment credit for a UNIV 1001 related course can petition UNIV staff to be exempt from the above policy.
  • Transfer students, part time and fully online undergraduate students are NOT required to enroll in UNIV 1001; however, it is strongly encouraged.  
  • All students 21 or older are exempt.
  • Fully online, degree seeking students.