University Courses and Curriculum Committee


Voting Members :

Two (2) members from each college and one faculty member from the Library. Faculty members must be of Assistant, Associate or Full Professor rank with at least one year's experience at UNO in any rank.  More than fifty percent of the voting members must hold Full or Associate Graduate Faculty Standing.

Non-voting members:

Two (2) students (one undergraduate and one graduate student)

Associate Provost

Director of Catalog and Curriculum (who shall serve as Recording Secretary)

Representative from the Advisory Council


Director of the Graduate School

Director for Records and Registration

Assistant Director for Degree Audit

First Year Advising Representative

The University Courses and Curricula Committee has the right and obligation to call "expert" witnesses and interested parties on any matters where additional information leads to clarity and resolution.  When the committee's agenda has items for discussion and action that would benefit from the presence of these Consultants they will be asked to attend. Other members of the university community may also be asked to attend when necessary when the committee deems it to be beneficial.

Voting committee members can vote absentee. Votes should be emailed to the recording secretary and the committee chair prior to the meeting. The chair will cast the vote on the member's behalf.  

All proposed changes in or additions to courses and curricula will be considered by the committee only after they have been approved by the appropriate Department and College Courses and Curriculum Committee. After approval by the University Courses and Curriculum Committee, all proposals will be referred to the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs.

2015 - 2016 Committee

2016 - 2017 Committee

2017 - 2018 Committee

2018 - 2019 Committee

Member Name Department College   Term
Amanda Athey Director, Graduate School Consult Consult
Sarah Berry (Recording Secretary) Director, Catalog and Curriculum Consult Consult
Uttam Chakravarty Mechanical Engineering Engineering 2018-2021
Woohyun Cho Business Management Business Administration 2015-2018
Janet Crane (Syllabi Reviewer) Library Library 2015-2018
Kraig Derstler Earth and Environmental Sciences Sciences 2017-2020
Kimberly Echols Assistant Director for Degree Audit Consult Consult
Yvette Green (Chair) Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Business Administration 2015-2018
Erik Hansen (Vice-Chair) Film and Theater Liberal Arts, Education and Human Development 2016-2018
Linxiong Li Mathematics Sciences 2017-2020
Caroline Noyes Associate Provost for Academic Programs/ Academic Affairs Consult Consult
Rajni Soharu University Registrar Consult Consult
Thomas Wright Curriculum and Instruction Liberal Arts, Education and Human Development 2016-2018
Vincent Yu Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Engineering 2018-2021