UCCC Charge

The committee is advisory to the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs. The committee should operate under the following charge:

I. To act on behalf of the Faculty Senate in advising the Provost/Vice President for

Academic Affairs and the University faculty concerning problems which might arise from the proposed addition, change, or dropping of courses and curricula. The concern of this committee should be:

  • To ensure that submissions are consistent across the university and that the submissions do meet the standards set forth by Academic Affairs, including that for submissions for course additions or changes contain appropriate student learning outcomes,
  • To support inter-program and inter-college collaboration, especially to reveal the opportunity for different academic programs to collaborate and to limit the overlap of academic content where there is no collaboration,
  • To ensure that new programs or courses or changes to existing programs and courses are consistent with the mission and strategic plan of the university.


II. To conduct continuing evaluation of courses, curricula and educational requirements, and to make recommendations to the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs relative to changes which appear to be desirable. Such recommendations should be made in consultation with all colleges affected by the proposed changes.