University Center Rental and Service Fees

UNO Student Organizations and University Departments

Rental fees are waived on free events sponsored by recognized UNO student organizations and departments. Rental fees will apply to events when an admission fee or donation is required for admittance. Standard rental fees will be discounted by 50% for these types of events.

Co-Sponsored Events

For an event to be considered co-sponsored and have rental fees waived; all arrangements and correspondence must be between the University sponsor staff, student or faculty representative and the University Center's scheduling office. It is the University sponsor's responsibility to make the off-campus visitors aware of all University policies. Visiting guests must be informed of parking regulations and permitted parking areas. The University sponsor will assume responsibility for their guests' conduct and accept charges for any and all damages, if necessary. Rental fees will apply to events when an admission fee or donation is required for admittance. Standard rental fees will apply for these types of events.

Once the University calendar has been published, facility requests are considered from other users.

Rental Fees

Student, faculty and staff are allowed to use the University Center banquet facilities for private social functions. Discounts are available to currently enrolled students and currently employed or retired faculty and staff.

Room Number

Room Name


Room 201 Gallery Lounge Contact Us
Room 203 Ballroom Contact Us
Rooms 211 A/B Innsbruck Suite Contact Us

Tenants of the UNO Research & Technology Park are allowed usage of meeting rooms and banquet facilities in the University Center.

Community, Educational, & Business entities may schedule events in the University Center on weekends or when classes are not in session. (Semester or Holiday Breaks, and over the Summer months.) The following standard rental fees will apply:

Room Number

Room Name


(up to 4 hours)


(over 4 hours)

201 C Gallery C $ 70.00 $ 140.00
204 Barataria $ 50.00 $ 100.00
206 Vermillion $ 75.00 $150.00
208 Atchafalaya $100.00 $200.00
210 Maurepas $ 50.00 $ 100.00
212 Pontchartrain $ 60.00 $ 120.00
*201  Gallery Lounge  N/A $750.00
203 Senator Ted Hickey Ballroom N/A $1,250.00
211 A/B Innsbruck Suite N/A $500.00

* When used in conjunction with the Senator Ted Hickey Ballroom.

All users of the University Center may incur charges related to events for additional services the University Center must provide. These services are:

$15.00 per hour Staffing Service Fee

  • Weekend event in the Senator Ted Hickey Ballroom, Gallery Lounge or Innsbruck Room
  • Events with attendance of 100+ guests.
  • Set-ups required for a room's "quick turn-around"
  • Supplemental staffing services
  • Sound or light operators

$35.00 per hour Building Overtime Fee

  • All events scheduled outside the University Center's regular operational hours.

$15.00 per hour Custodial Fees

  • When required

$40.00 per hour per University police officer

Police are required at all events where:

  • alcoholic beverages are served
  • donations or tickets are required for admittance
  • open to the public
  • are deemed necessary by administrative personnel