Vocational and Counseling Services

Vocational Evaluations for the Blind

Clients who are blind or visually impaired can better determine successful career paths or education plans with our vocational evaluations, which identify an individual’s interests, aptitudes, abilities, and vocational potential. TRAC uses the Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation System for the Blind (CVES). This assessment is conducted over several days and incorporates assessment of aptitudes, interests, Braille reading skills, assistive-technology/computer skills, and observations regarding independent living and mobility skills. Lodging is available.

Counseling Services

TRAC recognizes that individuals with disabilities often encounter multiple challenges in the adjustment process. While learning new skills for greater independence and future employment is a part of this process, an individual's social and emotional well-being is complementary to sustainability.

A Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) is available to provide Individual personal and/or career counseling services on a referral basis. Individuals who are newly disabled or who are experiencing difficulty adjusting to a disability are good candidates for individualized personal counseling. Areas of counseling may include adjustment to limitations, loss of independence, interpersonal relationships, and self-confidence.

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Rose Angelocci 
Program Specialist
Phone: 504-280-5705
Email: rangeloc@uno.edu

woman participates in a vocational assessment with the evaluator