Credit Course Offerings for High School Students with Disabilities


Rose Angelocci
Program Specialist
Phone: 504-280-5705

Supplemental Course Academy (SCA)

Student Registration

The University of New Orleans – TRAC and the Supplemental Course Academy/Course Choice through the Louisiana Department of Education have partnered to offer students with disabilities high school credit for essential skills for success in school and beyond.

The Supplemental Course Academy (SCA) will provide students and schools with access to a broad variety of course offerings from online, face-to-face and dual enrollment course providers. These course offerings will enable schools to provide courses not currently available to their students. SCA gives school districts and other public schools an MFP allocation related to the cost of high school credit courses that are individualized to the needs of secondary students and provided outside the traditional secondary school.

TRAC offers three courses for students with disabilities:

  1. Computer Applications for Students with Visual Disabilities: Students will be introduced to standard software applications used in business and educational settings in this hybrid course. Course topics include word processing, Internet, email, file management, spreadsheets, and presentation software. The students will access computer applications through the use of a screen-reading program and learn through hands-on exercises in this instructor-led course designed specifically for students with visual disabilities.
  2. Braille 1: Students will be introduced to reading and writing braille. Topics include the Braille alphabet, numbers, punctuation, writing with a Perkins-style keyboard, writing with a slate and stylus, and applications of Braille in daily life. This online/correspondence course is designed to help students acquire skills that will increase access to their educational environment and provide them with an accommodative skill to increase their independence in completing school assignments. Students will receive course materials electronically and by mail.
  3. Assistive Technology and Life Skills for Students with Learning Disabilities: This online course is designed for students with learning disabilities to gain skills in self-advocacy and assistive technology. Students will be introduced to literacy tools for reading and writing, note-taking, organizational skills, time management skills, and study skills. Both proprietary and low cost/no cost software solutions on various platforms (PC, Mac, iOS, Android) will be presented.

Schools register students for the SCA/Course Choice Program directly with providers. Schools should use the link above to register students for our courses. If a student seeks to enroll in a course, the student or parent should contact their school directly to speak with the person handling Course Choice Registration.