Assessment for Assistive Technology & Job-Site Accommodations

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Rose Angelocci
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The Center's services include evaluating technology accommodations for individuals at the Center's Assistive Technology Resource Lab or at the job site. Specific services include:

Computer Skills Evaluation

Staff assess an individual's knowledge and skills regarding use of computers and business-related software to determine if the computer is an appropriate tool for education or employment and identifies training needed to achieve an individual's goals.

Assistive Technology Assessments

Various assistive technology tools, such as screen reading software, voice recognition systems, and software for people with learning disabilities are demonstrated and evaluated to determine if these devices can be appropriate accommodations for training, education or employment.

Employment Retention

On-site assessment for Job Accommodations: Keeping good employees at their jobs after they acquire a disability, or when a disability progresses is important to employers because the experienced employee is a valuable asset. Training new employees is costly. In many situations, TRAC can help keep a person on the job with assistive technology and training services.