The Well-Being Project

"Think of something that promotes well-being in the community. Do it."

Have a big idea to promote well-being in the New Orleans community?
We want to help you to put that plan into action!

The Tocqueville Project can provide up to $1000 to support your project. Just tell us how you plan to promote well-being, provide a business plan for your project, and then convince one of our local community or business leaders to work with you as a mentor. Think of it like "Shark Tank," but where our local "sharks" invest with their time and not their money. 

Participation in the Well-Being Project is open to all high school and undergraduate students in the New Orleans area. Not a high school or undergraduate student? Partner with one and we will consider your project.

Proposal Requirements

Proposal Deadlines

Fall Deadline: September 15
Spring Deadline: February 15


Write to us at

Does "promote well-being" sounds vague? That's the point. We are interested in considering all ideas, from community service activities to starting businesses. 

When submitting your initial proposal, you should:

  • Provide biographical information for the project members.
  • Provide contact information (phone and email) for the project leader. 
  • Explain how your project promotes well-being in our community.
  • Discuss how you will carry out this project over the 6-month timeline.
  • Provide an initial budget outline.

How to Submit Your Proposal

Proposals are considered in the fall and spring, and must be submitted by the deadlines above. They should be sent by email at as a pdf attachment. 

Successful proposals will be those that are most likely to promote well-being in the New Orleans community, have a high likelihood for sustainability after the project people, and make the best use of available resources. 

Project leaders will be notified of their proposal's status within two weeks of the submission deadline. Proposals making it past the first round will be invited to submit revisions in response to comments from our local business and community leaders. Some groups will be invited to pitch their proposal to our community leaders in person.