Past Events and Participants

Many of our public events listed below have been recorded and can be viewed on our YouTube page

2016 - 2017

"Inequality in America" (panel discussion)
Benjamin Berger, Swarthmore
Jarvis DeBerry, Times-Picayune

"Free Speech in US Universities" (panel discussion)
Thomas Cushman, Wellesley
Peter Wood, National Association of Scholars

"America's Impending Debt Disaster" (panel discussion)
James Harrigan, Strata Policy
Antony Davies, Duquesne

"Republican Healthcare"
Kyle Swan, Sacramento State

"Ethics and Entrepreneurship"
Alexei Marcoux, Creighton

"Salience, Imagination, and Luck"
Nathan Stout, Tulane

"Justice, Coordination, and Instiutions"
Chad van Schoelandt,Tulane

"Against Pay Secrecy"
Jeffrey Moriarty, Bentley University

"Can Conversion be Rational?"
John Schwenkler, Florida State University

"Paterneralism as Constrained Optimization"
Nico Maloberti, Liberty Fund

"Boorishness, Consent, and Objective Attitude"
Eric Cave, Arkansas State

"Against Religious Exemptions"
Tara Smith, University of Texas - Austin

"Nietzsche on Aesthetics, Educators, and Education"
Steven Stolz, La Trobe University (Melbourne)

"Why We Need More Government and Less Personal Liberty"
Sarah Conly, Bowdoin

"Is the US Legal System a Crime Against Humanity?"
Christopher Wellmon, Washington University (St. Louis)

"Adaptive Preferences and Transformative Experiences"
Rosa Terlazzo, Kansas State 

2015 - 2016

"The Anatomy of Corruption"
David Schmidtz, University of Arizona

"Our Republican Constitution"
Randy Barnett, Georgetown University Law School

"Market Failure and Sensible Regulation"
Michael Munger, Duke University

"In Search of Moral Character"
John Doris, Washington University in St. Louis

"Empathy, Psychopathy, and Responsibility"
David Shoemaker, Tulane University

"Foundations for Moral Repair"
Andrew I. Cohen, Georgia State University

"Markets without Limits"
Peter Jaworski, Georgetown University

"The Law as a Sword"
Jonathan Riches, Goldwater Institute

"Self-Governance and Post-Disaster Resiliency"

Virgil Storr, George Mason University

"Opportunity, Meritocracy, and Social Cohesion: Pick Two"
Ryan Muldoon, University of Buffalo

"Capitalism and the Family"
Steven Horwitz, St. Lawrence University

"Elements of Global Justice"
Fernando Teson, Florida State University School of Law

"The Limits of Toleration"
Kevin Stuart, Austin Institute

"The Myth of US Prosperity during WWII"
Robert Higgs, Independent Institute

"Markets without Limits"
Jason Brennan, Georgetown University

"Entrepreneurship as Experiment"
John Eden, iPiphany Group

2014 - 2015

"Entrepreneurship and the Human Good" 
Edward Stringham, Texas Tech

"What's Faith Got to Do With It? Religion and Climate Change" 
Andrew Szasz, UC Santa Cruz

"In Defense of a Democratic, Productivist Welfare State"

Michael Moehler, Virginia Tech

"Will America Remain 'One Nation, Indivisible?'"

Joseph R. Reisert, Colby College

"Libertarianism and Parental Licensing"
"Corporate Welfare and the Harm Principle"

Andrew J. Cohen, Georgia State University

"Regulation of Industry, Employment, and Entrepreneurship"

"The Affordable Care Act and its Alternatives"

James Bailey, Creighton University

"What Motivates Us To Be Good?"
"The Moral Justification of Police Tactics" 

Jennifer Baker, College of Charleston

"Absolutism in the United States" 
"Thomas Hobbes and the Right to Healthcare" 
Shane Courtland, University of Minnesota, Duluth

"Should Doctors Care About the Cost of Healthcare?" 

Walter Lane, UNO | James Diaz, LSU | Paul Salles, La. Hospital Association

"Family Values in the Age of Autonomy" 

David Meyer, Tulane University

"Aristotle's Conception of Freedom" 

Fred Miller, University of Arizona

"Statesmanship and the Constitution in Aristotle's Political Science" 

James Stoner, LSU

"Aristotle on the Best Form of Government" 

Giovanni Giorgini, University of Bologna

"Individualistic Perfectionism: A Neo-Aristotelian Account of an Ethics of Responsibility" 

Douglas Rasmussen, St. John's University

"Aristotle and Kant on Altruism and the Love Command"
Stephen Palmquist, Hong Kong Baptist University

2013 - 2014

"Liberty, Security, and the Limits of State Action" 
Melissa Harris-Perry, Tulane | Salmon Shomade, University of New Orleans

"The Welfare State"
Roger Pilon, Cato Institute | Louis Michael Seidman, Georgetown Law

"Religious Liberty & Public Education" 
Barbara Forrest, Southeastern LA | Stephen Harvey, Pepper Hamilton LLP | William Jeynes, CSU Long Beach

"The Morality of Capitalism"
Bradley Hobbs, Florida Gulf Coast | James Payne, University of New Orleans

"Federalism: The New Nationalism?" 
Heather Gerken, Yale Law School | Hon. Stephen Higginson, US Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit

"Platonic Education and the Idols of the City" 
Shawn Welnak, Long Island University, Post

"Why Rights to Self-Determination Cannot Justify Immigration Restrictions" 
Javier Hidalgo, University of Richmond

"Institutional Corruption and the Crisis of Liberal Democracy"
William English, Harvard University

"Why Not Capitalism?" 
Jason Brennan, Georgetown University

"Why We Should Legalize a Market in Political Votes" 
James S. Taylor, The College of New Jersey

"Donor Conception and the Right to Genetic Parents' Love" 
Melissa Moschella, The Catholic University of America

"Improving Perfectionism" 
Gwen Bradford, Rice University

"How to Publicly Justify Religious Exemptions" 
Kevin Vallier, Bowling Green State University

"A Deontological Defense of Private Property" 
Bas van der Vossen, UNC Greensboro

2012 - 2013

"Religious Liberty and the Human Good" 
Robert P. George, Princeton University

"An Amazing Year at the Supreme Court" 
Erwin Chemerinsky, UC Irvine School of Law

"The Role of Incarceration in Tocqueville's America" 
Daniel D'Amico, Loyola University

"Kant and Biblical Hermeneutics" 
Lawrence Pasternack, Oklahoma State University

"Unified Wholes as Substances" 
Kathrin Koslicki, University of Colorado-Boulder

"Adapting Plato's Cardinal Virtues for Democratic Leadership"
Eric Weber, The University of Mississippi

"Morality, Self-Respect, and the Priority of Liberty" 
J.P. Messina, Georgia State University

"The Tyranny of Freedom" 
Barry Schwartz, Swarthmore College

"When Justice Demands Inequality" 
John Thrasher, The University of Arizona

"Civic Religion in a Free Society" 
Charles Griswold, Boston University

"The Real Fiscal Cliff" 
Peter Schiff, Euro Pacific Capital

"Selfishness, Selflessness, and Lives Worth Living" 
Hon. Judge Jay C. Zainey, US District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana

2011 - 2012

"Slavery and the Rule of Law in Colonial Virginia"
David B. Lyons, Boston University

"Autonomy and God's Commands"
John E. Hare, Yale University

"Rousseau, Positive Freedom, and Party Government"
Joseph R. Reisert, Colby College

"The Extinction Crisis and the Limits of Human Freedom"
Elisabeth H. Ellis, Texas A&M