UNO Student Government Association
International Study Abroad Awards


Spring 2018: October 31, 2017
Summer/Fall 2018: March 8, 2018

Recipients must meet the following requirements:

  • Meet minimum eligibility requirements for study abroad program of choice (please see UNO Study Abroad web site for a list of programs).
  • Complete the study abroad program. The award must be repaid in the event of an early withdrawal from the program.
  • Agree to represent UNO while on the program by performing various duties, such as visiting the host institution’s exchange office to deliver materials, possibly speaking in front of groups about the study abroad program, etc.
  • Agree to contribute materials to the UNO DoIE office, such as pictures and memorabilia for binders and the program website.
  • Agree to speak in various venues (such as in class presentations, or at display tables) to potential study abroad students about their experiences overseas.
  • Report back to the SGA Senate at the first possible senate meeting after the student’s return or in writing to the SGA Vice President on their experiences.


Application instructions:

Complete the application forms and submit with the following documents:

  • Transcript (may be unofficial)
  • Letter of Recommendation: may either be in letter format, sent via email (from the faculty member's official email address), letter, OR using our form: Click here for a form that may be used for SGA Award applicants. NOTE: do NOT ask the person writing your refernce to submit both.
  • Essay of Purpose (500-1000 words).
    Describe your involvement in and contribution to the university of New Orleans.
    State your academic and personal goals and how your study abroad experience will help you fulfill these goals.
    Submit in person or via email.