UNO Student Government Association
International Study Abroad Awards

Fill in the information below and submit your application for the SGA Study Abroad Awards. Please pay careful attention to the deadlines for each semester. Also, make sure you follow up with the additional submission requirements (see below). 

Annual Deadlines

Summer: March 8
Fall: April 17
Spring: October 31



In what semester/month & year did you start your university studies (not necessarily at UNO)?
Semester/month & year in which you expect to graduate.
UNO Study Abroad Program in which you plan to participate.
Year in which you plan to study abroad.
Semester in which you will participate. Note that deadlines are different for each semester.
If you have already written your essay of purpose, you may copy and paste it here. Please make sure you follow the guidelines for the essay.

Please note that the deadlines are:

  • March 8 for Summer semester
  • April 17 for Fall semester
  • October 31 for Spring semester 

Once you have submitted this application form, you must submit the following: 

  • Transcript (official or unofficial)
  • Letter of Recommendation (or form available for download from our web site)
  • Essay of Purpose (500-1000 words)
    • Describe yourself, the program you've chosen, and why
    • Describe your involvement in and contribution to the university
    • State your academic, professional, and personal goals and how your study abroad experience will help you fulfill these goals

These materials may be emailed to or brought in person to the International Center, room 124. 

Please note: by clicking the submit button you attest that you have read the award description and agree to the terms and requirements as stated on the web site:

Should you have any questions, you may email, come by, or call us at 504.280.6388.