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Hochschule Bremen University of Applied Sciences

Situated in the heart of an old trading and harbor city in northern Germany, Bremen University of Applied Sciences trains students, promotes research, and provides expertise for business and industrial partners in a wide range of academic disciplines in the areas of business, engineering and natural and social sciences. UAS Bremen is amongst the largest universities of applied sciences in Germany.

The university has also achieved recognition for its research work judging by the numerous regional and national commitments made to it to provide funding, e.g. from the Federal Ministry for Education and Research as well as the Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology.

The University of Applied Sciences Bremen is renowned for the international aspect of its work. Most degree programs have an international component, which allows students spending integrated semester and internships abroad to gain intercultural experience. Almost a thousand students from abroad and visiting staff from partner universities worldwide help to create a global atmosphere and to enhance cultural awareness. German language courses are offered for international students. A number of graduate courses (leading to master degrees) are taught in English. An International Graduate Center houses master programs mainly for business and economic graduates. In addition to their studies, students can participate in the many cultural activities and events sponsored by the university to broaden their interest in literature, music and theater.

Bremen is an important transportation center, ideal for those who want to explore Europe. Besides the port, Bremen has an airport that serves a large number of passengers a year with flights daily to cities all over Europe, as well as the city itself being an important rail center with daily rail service to all major German cities and to several cities in other parts of Europe. (German Railway Website)

UNO ISEP Exchange

Regular International Exchange students can go for one semester or for a full academic year. The exchange agreement between UNO and Hochschule Bremen University of Applied Sciences allows students to pay tuition at their home institution but they must pay all other expenses, such as housing, transportation, insurance, meals, etc. UNO students at the Hochschule Bremen University of Applied Sciences must pay a "Semester Fee" every semester they are at Hochschule Bremen University of Applied Scienes. The Semester Fee pays for a variety of services for students, including Internet access and a rail pass good for all public transportation in Bremen.

Please keep in mind that the German academic calendar does not coincide with that of UNO, so those students wishing to study abroad for only one semester may find it beneficial to attend the "summer" semester in Germany. More information about the university's schedule can be found here.


While Hochschule Bremen University of Applied Sciences offers courses in English, mostly in business, fluency in German will increase the availability of courses. Without enough language skills students will be restricted to classes within special programs, or to a small number of courses offered in English. German language courses are offered in all levels and will be credited by Hochschule Bremen University of Applied Sciences yet may not be included in the exchange program.


UNO students on exchange at Hochschule Bremen University of Applied Sciences are given priority for rooms in one of the university's residency halls. Students are responsible for making their own living arrangements while in Bremen and the cost of these arrangements are borne solely by the student on the exchange. T

International Summer School (IFK)

The International Summer School at the Hochschule Bremen University of Applied Sciences has been offering a multisession, multidisciplinary summer program in English for twenty years. ISS offers courses on German language and culture, business, law, and maritime studies. Participation in ISS is not covered by UNO's exchange agreement with Bremen, so UNO students who wish to participate in ISS must pay the fees on their own. The programs offered by ISS charge different fees depending on the program. The fees cover tuition, and cultural activities. Housing, meals, excursions, insurance, and travel are not included in the program fees. More information about ISS including course offerings can be found at the International Summer School page.