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FAMU, the Film and Television School at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, is one of Europe’s oldest and finest film academies. Located in a cultural landmark, the Lazansky Palace, in the center of Prague, FAMU has played an integral role in Czech cultural history for the last sixty years fostering the New Wave of the '60s, and serving as a headquarters for the student-led Velvet Revolution that helped end the Cold War.

The school is divided into 10 departments: still photography, directing, documentary, script writing, cinematography, sound design, animation, producing, and a recent interdisciplinary department - the Center of Audiovisual Studies. Integral part of the school is the FAMU Studio, providing complete professional facilities from digital Betacam and HDV to 16 and 35mm film for students´ work. Academy alumni include such famous directors and writers as Jiri Menzel, Milan Kundera, Milos Forman,Vera Chytilova, and Vaclav Havel, who continue to visit the school and lecture. The presence of such luminaries allows FAMU International students an unparalleled experience.


The duration of the program is one semester. All students who wish to go on this exchange must first apply and be accepted to the UNO International Student Exchange Program (see our site for Outgoing students). Once accepted, students then complete the requirements to apply to the program at FAMU.

Accommodation and Cost of Living

Applicants need to be aware that FAMU cannot provide housing in Prague. To find housing in Prague, as well as for an unofficial breakdown of meals, accommodation and transportation, please check the links above.

Course and language of study

In accordance with the regulations of the Erasmus program students may attend all theoretical lectures and seminars that are accredited at FAMU. These lectures are common to both the Erasmus and the FAMU International study programs.

Each semester, a number of 3-4 students is allowed to participate at lectures and seminars of the Department of photography. Their selection takes place after their arrival to FAMU.  Those specialized in photography should bring their own camera and a portfolio (set of photos) or send them in advance. 

All of the courses are just in English!

For more information on deadlines and application process, visit: FAMU-ERASMUS

Programs in English



  • Screenwriting and Dramaturgy Studies
  • Cinematography
  • Directing
  • Non-fiction filmmaking

Photography Program


  • Film History
  • Acting
  • Art and Culture
  • Czech Language
  • Cinematography
  • Screenwriting
  • Directing
  • Non-fiction filmmaking
  • Visual Design
  • Visual Theory
  • Survey of Czech and World Animation