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Universitat Jaume I

The Universitat Jaume I is a young, vital institution located in the city of Castellon de la Plana (or Castello in the local language) on the Mediterranean coast of eastern Spain. It was founded in 1991 by the Generalitat de la Comunidad Valenciana. It has three faculties: Law and Economics (including degrees in Law, Business and Public Administration, Tourism, and Labor Relations), Humanities and Social Sciences (including degrees in English Language and Literature, Humanities, Psychology, Translation and Interpreting, Publicity and Public Relations, Education and Curriculum) and Technology and Applied Sciences (including degrees in Industrial Design, and Chemical, Mechanical, Agricultural, and Computer Engineering).

All degree programs offer courses in European area studies, including courses in languages and literatures. All courses include both theoretical and practical aspects of the subject. A wide range of optional courses is also available to meet the needs of individual students. Exchange students can choose any subjects they want from any degree offered.

Most courses are offered in Spanish or Catalan. Courses in Spanish as a foreign language are also available. Students who wish to take a variety of courses should be at an upper-intermediate level of proficiency or better. Students who wish to take only Spanish courses may apply with only basic Spanish language skills.

The University provides Internet access to all students and has excellent computer, library, language, and sports facilities on its campus.

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