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Southern Cross University

Southern Cross University is a highly regarded Australian Government university that is recognized throughout the world for its academic and research achievements. It is a popular destination for study abroad students who are seeking a unique experience with the opportunity to discover the true culture, environment, and hospitality of Australia.

SCU offers students the opportunity to study on its Lismore campus, situated in the heart of this idyllic region famous for its wonderful rainforests and unspoiled beaches. It is within striking distance from Byron Bay, one of Australia's leading backpacker and surfing destinations. 

Lismore is the home of SCU's largest campus,  providIing with an excellent staff to student ratio. The academic year is divided into two semesters, the first of which commences in February, and the second in July. 

SCU's International Office prides itself on providing its students with a very high level of support services necessary to ensure a successful academic and personal experience.

Note: These services in particular are available for seperate fees payable directly to SCU and are not included with UNO tuition.


Programs Offered