Financing your semester or academic year abroad

First of all, what about cost? 

The amount paid to UNO includes the application fee, tuition and fees for 12 credit hours at UNO, and Study Abroad Health Insurance, all due prior to departure. 

Such fees as airfare, room and board, and miscellaneous personal expenses are not included, and vary widely depending upon the host institution and location (Paris will be much more expensive, say, than Prague). Housing arrangements are made via the host institution, and payment is made in the host country according to the arrangements made there. 

UNO fees, (subject to change) are listed on the UNO Bursar's web site here:

What about Financial Aid? 

Consult with the Program Coordinator and your Financial Aid Counselor to be sure that your financial aid package is correctly applied to your chosen program. This should be taken care of as far in advance as possible.

What about Scholarships and Awards? 

Many UNO institutional scholarships and awards may be applied to your semester(s) abroad, since you maintain your UNO status the whole time. But you MUST check with the terms of the scholarship to be certain. It is ALWAYS a good idea to discuss this with your financial aid counselor in as great a detail as possible, and get written confirmation of scholarship information. Relying upon your memory of what someone told you is very risky when talking about money and scholarships. Don't lose your scholarship on a technicality!

There are other scholarships and awards out there that you may not have heard of. A good place to start is our web page:  Apply early to anything you can find!