UNO Students Celebrate Holi Festival on campusAll UNO ISEP students may choose where they would prefer to live. You have the following options:

  • Privateer Place is an on-campus apartment complex (rather than a dormitory) run by a non-UNO company. Check their website for floor plans, pricing, and leasing information. 
  • Pontchartrain Hall is a traditional U.S. dormitory opened in Fall 2007. See their website for floor plans and pricing. Apply early, as they fill quickly!
    • Note: make sure you get a room confirmation in writing (via email or post). If you prefer to live in Privateer Place, be sure to read the lease, rental agreement, and any other documentation very carefully. International students may be expected to wait for a return of their deposit money, and to receive it in a US funds check.
  • Off-campus (private) housing. There is no clearinghouse for this kind of information, but one good source is the OISS (Office of International Students and Scholars) classified ads. To sign up, go to the OISS web site. If you do choose off-campus housing, it is a good idea to consult UNO ISEP staff prior to signing any lease or rental agreement. Again, however, UNO ISEP does not provide assistance with finding private housing, nor do we recommend living off-campus for short-term students.
  • Note: all new international students may have to arrive prior to the official move-in date for most on-campus housing. Please be aware of this, and that you may have to pay a minor fee for early move-in. You should make arrangements for this directly with your housing office.