ISEP Student Fees & Payments

All incoming ISEP students will not be charged tuition (except for Free Movers, who are charged in-state tuition and fees). But there are other fees and expenses that students need to understand and to plan for. 

Planning for ExpensesFarid holds a baby alligator

In trying to plan for your semester (or two) at UNO, here are some of the fees and expenses you should consider:

  • Settling-in expenses: can vary widely depending upon your personal preferences. But generally this will include such expenses as temporary housing for early arrivals, setting up mobile phone service, and purchasing household items (bedding, towels, etc.)
  • Textbook purchases: textbooks in the U.S. can be quite expensive, so start looking these up as soon as you have information on your classes. You probably will want to wait to purchase (or rent) your texts until you receive final word from your professors. But this is an expense that regularly shocks many international students 
  • Room and board: depending upon where you choose to live, your housing and meal expenses will vary widely, so consider this when signing up for housing and when setting up your budget. 
  • Fees charged by UNO, such as:
    • International Student Fee: this is mandatory for all international students and cannot be changed or waived.
    • Student Health Insurance: it is mandatory for you to carry health insurance. But if you have a policy that is comparable or better, you may apply to have this fee waived. For more information, please visit: Please note that if you do apply for the waiver, the insurance company must have an office in the United States, and they must complete the waiver request form and fax it back to the OISS prior to the deadline date.
    • Fees for special classes, such as music lessons or online classes. Note: online classes have two fees associated with them: the distance learning fee and the extended campus fee.
    • Housing deposit and charges for staying in Pontchartrain Halls
    • Any late fees or registration fees incurred once deadlines start passing… so be sure to do everything ON TIME.

Paying Your UNO Fees

In order to pay fees to UNO, you must have your UNO login. You will receive your UNO login information AFTER you have been fully admitted to the university. Also, you must be registered in classes in order for most fees to post. Even then, sometimes the fees don't post for a while (especially when registering for the Fall semester). But once your fees do post to the system, you should easily be able to see them when you log in to Webstar and go to the Student Center.

Helpful Webstar tips:

  • If you are having difficulty with Webstar, look at the URL (the web site address at the top of your browser window). If there is a code at the end showing whatever language you’re browsing in, change that to “EN” for “English” and see if that solves your problems.
  • If you click “Pay my fee bill” and don’t want to pay the amount listed, you can change the payment amount manually. 
  • Don't miss payment deadlines. You run the risk of losing your scheduled classes, and having to pay hefty late fees.
  • Be sure the contact information in Webstar for you us up-to-date. 
  • If you are expecting a refund, make sure your address is NOT an international address. UNO still issues refunds in the form of paper checks (in USD funds). So if you get a refund and they mail a check to your parents' address in your home country, it may be problematic.