Transportation Resources

Regional Transit Authority 

The Regional Transit Authority gets people moving around New Orleans! A bus stop is conveniently located in the center of campus and is serviced by a number of routes, including Elysian Fields (55), Hayne (60), St. Bernard - Paris Ave. (51), and St. Bernard - St. Anthony (52). Standard fares are only $1.25. Jazzy passes are available at any Walgreens and select grocery stores: 1-day for $3.00, 3-day for $9.00, and 31-day for $55.00.

RTA Website

Driving to Campus? 

Make sure you are have your proper parking decal and know all the parking regulations. Did you know you will be ticketed for backing into a parking spot? Make sure you know all the rules by checking out the UNO Police Departments parking brochure. 

UNO Parking Brochure

Ride Sharing

Interested in setting up a car pool to and from campus? The UNO Ride Sharing group on Facebook is a great resource to find or offer rides to and from campus. Car Pooling is a great way to save time and money on your daily commute. Create a post or respond to a current post to get started.

Ride Share Group


Interactive Public Transit Map