Student Organization Registration

The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership annually registers student organizations that complement the mission of the university and enhance the quality of education outside the classroom. Registration does not imply endorsement of the organizations' activities and actions by the university. For more information, review the Student Organization Handbook.

How to Register

Registration is easy! Once you have your organization information collected, complete the following steps:

Benefits of Registration

Registration of a student organization permits an organization:

  1. The use of the University's name in conjunction with that of the organization's official purposes and business, i.e., the Chess Club at The University of New Orleans;
  2. The privilege of sponsoring activities and events on campus;
  3. The privilege of using University facilities and property under University policies governing that usage, as administered by Campus Booking and Facility Services;
  4. The privilege of distributing literature, flyers, posters, banners and organizational materials according to the University of New Orleans Office of Communications, Public Relations, & Marketing as well as the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership;
  5. The receipt of relevant publications and inclusion in mailings by SIL and Student Affairs;
  6. The access to the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership services, such as student organizational workshops and Student Organizational Activities Resource Center;
  7. To utilize campus mailbox in the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership;
  8. To request an organizational email address provided by the university;
  9. The privilege to solicit membership on campus under the organization name;
  10. The privilege to solicit funds on campus under the organization name when such solicitation is in accordance with established University policies.

*The five member organization registration requirement maybe waived for NPHC fraternities and sororities.  However, when an NPHC organization has no undergraduate members, the NPHC chapter is “inactive.”  Please contact the Greek Life advisor, Dale O’Neill at, to learn more about guidelines for inactive Greek organizations.

Limitations of Registration

  1. The organization is a "registered" group and not an official component of the University.
  2. The organization may not act on behalf of the University of New Orleans.
  3. The organization may not enter into any contractual obligation in the name of The University of New Orleans.
  4. Registration expressly permits the organization to operate only on campus. Off campus activities are the sole responsibility of the organization, its officers and members, unless expressly approved and/or sponsored by the University.
  5. Participation in the activities of the student organization is voluntary and all attendant risks are assumed solely by the organization, its officers, members and non-member participants.