Recreational / Club Sports




UNO Bike Club

Purpose: To spread awareness of the benefits of cycling on a community and to have fun while riding


UNO Blue Krewe

Purpose: To encourage and support our UNO sports teams and instill spirit into the UNO student body.

UNO Cricket Club

Purpose: To gather people who are interested to play cricket every Sunday and also to organize tournaments


Four Horsemen Chess Club

Purpose: To provide and organize friendly competition for chess enthusiasts and to explore the game of chess and expand the knowledge of club members

UNO Running Club

Purpose: To train for 5K races. Also other fitness exercises will be included to help shape and tone your body.

UNO Sailing Club

Purpose: To promote the sport of sailing within the UNO community and compete against other schools in ICSA

UNO Sportsmans Club

Purpose: To teach students or just encourage them continue to live their passion by joining the Sportsmans Club.


UNO Taekwondo Sports Club

Purpose: To give all students the opportunity to study Tae Kwon Do; and to promote the physical and mental disciplines of the martial art.

UNO Weightlifting Club

Purpose: To represent the University of New Orleans at Olympic-style weightlifting meets.


UNO Wrestling Club

Purpose: To offer the campus community a venue in which wrestling is taught and practiced.