Community Service Organizations



service coallitionUNO Service Coalition

Purpose: To provide students with the opportunity to give back to the New Orleans and University of New Orleans communities. 


UNO Animal Rights Society

Purpose: To be a society that is easy and fun to join, where like-minded people can meet and discuss their opinions on animals and animal rights/ethics, as well as learning new things on other animal issues.


UNO Campus Beautification Club

Purpose: To beautify UNO through a student club that provides plenty of leadership and networking opportunities.

Crescent City Shapers

Purpose: Act as liaisons to National, State, & Metro section of the American Planning Association, facilitate professional development & community service opportunities for students & community.


Open Mind

Purpose: Community service


UNO Red Cross Club

Purpose: To support the purpose and mission of the Southeast Louisiana Red Cross.

STARS Computing Corps

Purpose: To broaden participation in computing with K-12 and peer outreach.