UNO Graduate Student Association of Chemistry

2016-17 Contact Information

Contact Person
Madhurima Das

Alexis Blanco

Campus Advisors
Matthew Tarr


To provide an academic, social, and professional organization encouraging knowledge in all aspects of the field of chemistry.

Membership Open To

Graduate Students

Membership Requirements

Enrollment as a graduate student in the chemistry department.


Contact organization for this information

Major Events

Thanksgiving Potluck
Halloween Costume Contest


Additional Information

UNO GCS also serves as a community of interest and activity for its members. Additional objectives include:

  • To provide an opportunity to become better acquainted with colleagues, faculty members, staff, and professionals in the Department of Chemistry at UNO, along with other members of the chemical sciences disciplines.
  • To foster a professional and encouraging spirit among its members.
  • To instill a professional and academic pride in chemical sciences.