Global Mentor Program

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To pair incoming international student participants who arrive at the start of each new semester with current UNO students to enhance and cultivate interpersonal relationships between students of various cultural backgrounds to generate an environment for multicultural engagement.

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Major Events:

International Movie Night, Trivia Night, Roundtable Discussion, Lasertag, Off campus Movie Trip, Halloween trip to Frenchmen Street, International Potluck


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Mentor/mentee pairings will be based on similar interests, areas of study, and contrasting geographic or cultural regions-of-origin. In addition, all participants will expand their personal knowledge of the University of New Orleans, the city of New Orleans, the United States of America, and the world through interactions with the university, local, and global communities.

We are the only organization at the University that offers this particular kind of cultural engagement, and our organization encourages the broadening of horizons in our members. We involve students from different backgrounds and parts of the world to both educate their global peers, and enjoy what both this country and the world around it have to offer. Our 2014-2015 President, Jahi Mackey, won Organization Leader of the Year, and we intend to keep the newly-established tradition of multicultural enrichment alive.