Cultural Organizations



Allies of Israel

Purpose: Is a grass roots college organization dedicated to the promotion of the Jewish state of Israel as a sovereign nation, rooted in Jewish principles, and as a haven for Jews all over the globe.

Chakra Indian Student Association

Purpose: To propagate the culture, traditions, and arts of India in USA

Chinese History Art Language Association (CHALA)

Purpose: To provide an environment in which members can learn more about Chinese language and culture in creative ways

Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA)

Purpose: To provide help to Chinese students and broadcast Chinese culture to students



Purpose: To promote cultural awareness/ identity for people of African descent while advancing tolerance and diversity

International Student Organization

Purpose: To promote the International Diversity within UNO and to create an environment where american and international students can meet each other within UNO

Latin American Student Association (LASA)

Purpose: To promote Latin American culture around UNO

Nepalese Student Association of New Orleans

Purpose: To represent the Nepalese student body at UNO and unite all those interested in Nepalese culture


Purpose: To help people learn more about and appreciate Japan

Progressive Black Student Union

Purpose: To promote cultural, academic, social, and political growth, as well as to raise awareness of issues relative to the black community


Renshuu Douraku

Purpose: To help those interested in learning Japanese in a fun and comfortable environment outside of academia


Saudi Students' Union

Purpose: To resent Saudi culture to the community, strengthen social bonds between Saudi students, help new students take first step in different culture, communicate with Saudi Arabian cultural mission


Spanish Conversation and Culture Organization

Purpose: To establish a firm academic basis for aspiring Spanish speakers any level and to inspire members to become more aware of various Spanish cultures around the globe


Study Abroad Club

Purpose: To bring together a network of students, who previously or have plans to study abroad, together to share stories, concerns, and advice


Purpose: to offer a safe space for LGBTQIQ students and their allies and to raise awareness of LGBTQIQ issues on campus at UNO

Vietnamese American Student Association (VASA)

Purpose: to provide and spread cultural awareness throughout the UNO and greater New Orleans community through service, advocating and friendship