Chemistry Club


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Grayson Pool

Rebecca Rice

Campus Advisor
Sean Hickey

To do chemistry outreach; promote the study of chemistry.

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First Tuesday of every month, 12:30 pm, CSB 109
*See this Facebook Group for most up-to-date schedule

Major Events

Children's Hospital Super Science Saturday; Assist GSC with outreach to Akili Academy

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The Chemistry Club (or Chem Club) is open to all undergraduate students regardless of major. All chemistry majors and minors are encouraged to be active in this student organization and students from other majors who have an interest in chemistry are also invited to participate in the club. For students interested in Pre-Pharmacy, the Chemistry Club serves as the student organization for Pre-Pharmacy as well. The Chemistry Club often works in partnership with the Graduate Chemical Society (GCS) Chemistry Club students posing for the Camerato do community service and outreach activities and has participated in campus events such as the annual Swampball mud volleyball tournament and Get to Know UNO. As a student organization, the Chem Club has three areas of focus: Social events Student advocacy Outreach