Arts / Music Organizations



UNO Ballroom Dancing Club

To teach the basics of ballroom dancing and provide a fun and friendly atmosphere for dancing. To encourage students to practice the art of ballroom dancing and advise them on local dancing clubs.


Lakefront Players

Purpose: To allow everyone to experience the joy of theatre

NEWLip Sync Battle Club

Purpose: Students coming together for lip-sync battles.



UNO Film Fest

Purpose: To organize, plan, execute and support the UNO Film Fest, a showcase for films produced in the undergraduate and graduate divisions of UNO's film program


UNO Filmmakers

Purpose: To create a community for UNO students interested in film and filmmaking and provide projects for students to participate in


UNO Show Choir

Purpose: To encourage an interest in vocal performance partnered with group choreography on a professional scale



Purpose: To organize a collaborative setting for all of UNO's aspiring filmmakers, musicians, photographers, writers, and all around creative individuals