Interfaith Prayer & Meditation Room

Interfaith Prayer and Meditation RoomThe Office for Student Involvement and Leadership offers an Interfaith Prayer and Meditation Room (University Center 201-A)
for students, faculty, and/or staff. This space allows for individuals and small groups to come together in a quiet space for prayer, mediation, and/or reflection throughout the day or for formal meetings. The room promotes communication and productive discussions between individuals of similar and different faiths and backgrounds.

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The Muslim Student Association, the Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship and Baptist Campus Ministry played a special role in ensuring that the Interfaith Prayer and Meditation Room came to fruition by expressing the need and interest in having a quiet and sacred space for reflection and worship. 

As one of the most diverse campuses in the state of Louisiana, we must strive to grow in support for one another and understand each others' beliefs. This space provides a place for these discussions and experiences to happen; individuals can feel safe exploring and sharing their beliefs with one another.

For more information please contact Office of Student Involvement and Leadership, located in University Center Room 222.

Using the Interfaith Prayer & Meditation Room


Interfaith Prayer & Meditation Room Guidelines

  • The Interfaith Prayer and Meditation Room is to be used for prayer/meditation and religious observances and not as a lounge, study room, meeting room or for other purposes not involved with prayer/meditation. Please respect the requirement for a peaceful, quiet atmosphere.
  • Shoes are to be removed and placed on the provided racks immediately upon entrance of the Interfaith Prayer and Meditation Room.
  • The use of fire, including lit candles or incense, is not permitted in the Interfaith Prayer and Meditation Room.
  • No food or beverages are allowed in the Interfaith Prayer and Meditation Room. Exceptions due to religious ceremony may be permitted, as approved by the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership.
  • Please keep the Interfaith Prayer and Meditation Room clean. All personal and group materials are to be removed from the space after use. Mats/carpets need be returned to the allotted location. Furniture must remain in the facility and restored to the original position.
  • Symbols of faith must be removed after each individual or group usage, and the overall tone of the room shall be religiously neutral.
  • Any damages to space or equipment must be promptly reported to the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership.

Respect for Others

All users are expected to exercise respect and tolerance for the integrity of each other's beliefs, cultures and traditions. This means:

  • Respecting other people's freedom within the law to express their beliefs and convictions in worship and prayer;
  • Respecting the convictions of others about food, dress and social etiquette and not behaving in ways that may cause offence;
  • Always avoiding violence in relationships, in particular avoiding violent action, language, threats, manipulation, improper inducements, or the misuse of any kind of power;
  • Not misrepresenting or disparaging other people's beliefs and practices;
  • Not actively seeking to persuade others to join their faith;
  • Not seeking to direct others on how to exercise their faith.