Leadership Exchange

exchangeLeadership Exchange is a three day "exchange" experience where students have the opportunity to travel to distinct part of the country and interact with other college students sharing an interest in and passion for leadership. In March 2011, students from Washburn University traveled to New Orleans for the first time and co-facilitated leadership and involvement oriented sessions at a day long workshop UNO's campus. Here, they shared thoughts, perspectives, and experiences about leadership with a group of young leaders from a unique part of the country. The program is designed to initiate an open dialogue about key issues affecting young leaders today and is also geared toward challenging students to expand their global mindset beyond their home institution. In 2012, student leaders from Mckendree University, Washburn University, and the University of New Orleans united to participate in this program at the University of New Orleans. In 2013, Washburn University students returned to UNO once more to participate in the program.