Welcome, Commuter Students!

The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership is committed to helping you have a successful experience at UNO. We understand that as commuter students, you may feel disconnected, unsupported, and uninformed living off campus. We are here to help ease those anxieties and get you connected to the campus.

Our programs and services will provide you with opportunities to:

  • Meet others with similar interests
  • Be informed of campus events
  • Make connections with campus units, staff and faculty
  • Study and/or relax

Get Involved!

Joining a student organization can be easy, even when you're commuting and balancing school and other responsibilities! Many organizations meet over the lunch hour or host events that you may be able to attend in between classes.

Check out our list of student organizations online

Have Fun!

There are lots of events and programs on campus throughout the year.

Check the campus calendar