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Return completed requests to in person to the SGA Office (UC 236) or scan and email to

Apply for Student Travel Funds

The Student Government Association (SGA) budgets for student academic travel each year to assist students who would like to attend conferences and workshops to enrich their education at the University of New Orleans. All current UNO students are eligible to apply for funds and will receive reimbursement per SGA review.

Completed travel requests must be submitted to the SGA Office (UC 236A) 21 days prior to the 1st day of the conference. All funding is reimbursement only. Student Government Association does not prepay any travel cost.

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Click here to download a checklist to make sure you've submitted everything properly! Also, be sure to check the FAQ below.


Frequently Asked Questions

21 Day Deadline

Is the 21-day deadline strict?

  • Yes. When applying student must submit all required documentation before the 21-day deadline. Submitting required documents after the deadline would be akin to an extension, which SGA can grant under no circumstances.
Why is the 21-day deadline so strict?

  • This program was designed to assist students, provided they meet deadlines. Its intention, in addition to financially assisting students, is to teach responsibility. In addition, the process only succeeds—negotiating regulations from the university, the UL system, and the state—if students follow the instructions of the application. We've unfortunately had to reject several students in the past for not meeting deadlines, and we cannot allow special treatment to certain students.
I submitted all but one item by the deadline. Will my application be approved?

  • No. We must have the entire packet completed before the 21 day deadline. It is best to try to turn it in a little early so we can ensure everything is present. If it is not you will still have time to turn in missing pieces before the 21 day deadline. 
What if my application was incomplete, but the deadline hasn't passed?

  • If you're informed you're missing something in your application, you'll receive a breakdown of specific requirements that are outstanding. You can still submit those documents until the deadline passes.
I'm not attending the whole conference, so my deadline is actually later, right?

  • No, because we cannot verify specific attendance to the conference it is necessary that we always use the start date of the conference.
I'm here to drop off my documents. Can you look over them really quick to let me know if I'm missing anything?

  • Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that someone will be available to look through your documents immediately. We take in a large amount of paperwork on a daily basis, and will look at everything first come first serve. Please know we will review your documents as soon as possible. Once we review your documents, we will email you to let you know if anything is missing. If nothing is missing, we will email you to let you know when your application is approved or your voucher is ready to sign.


Required Pre-Trip Documents and Approval

I’m not requesting reimbursement for [a given expense], so why do I need to submit info on [that expense]?

  • All documentation is required regardless of whether reimbursement is sought for all expenses. Think of the application as an online application, one that won’t allow you to click “submit” until all fields are completed.
You said the conference info I submitted is incomplete. How so?

  • Usually when students haven’t submitted complete conference info, they are missing registration cost and/or conference hotel rate info. For registration cost, this is usually in the form of a chart, listing all available rates (student, faculty, member, etc.). For conference hotel(s) info, usually the website will have a whole page just for lodging, listing the rate(s). Remember, this application pertains to reimbursements, which are money, so we need adequate financial info to make sure we are reimbursing the correct amounts. 
I have a special circumstances and have a letter from a conference organizer. Can I include this with my application?

  • If you wish to add supplemental information from a conference representative, it is incumbent upon you to contact the person and include their correspondence with your completed application packet (not after the deadline has passed).
My conference is really small and doesn’t have a website. What do I do?

  • Please see above. You may need to contact a representative and submit their correspondence. As long as we receive the required info (conference name, date, location, cost of registration, and conference hotel information) the size of the conference doesn’t matter.
Why can I only get 99 miles reimbursed?

  • The 99 mile maximum is a state policy. It applies regardless of whether travel is in-state or out-of-state.
Do I have to purchase my plane ticket through Shorts to be reimbursed for airfare?

  • Yes. When you apply you must submit the confirmation email Shorts sent you, with the subject line “Trip Details for … .”
I have to stay at the conference hotel to be reimbursed for lodging, correct?

  • To be reimbursed for lodging, per the new state policy, use HotelPlanner unless the conference hotel is cheaper. Find the conference hotel on HotelPlanner and print the results, making sure the rate is legible. Compare the rates on the conference info and HotelPlanner and book the lower of the two rates.
I found a place on Airbnb that’s way cheaper than the conference hotel. Can I be reimbursed for that?

  • If you don’t book through the state authorized travel agency (HotelPlanner) or through the conference (with proof that the conference rate is lower than booking via HotelPlanner), your lodging is not reimbursable, per Louisiana's state travel policy.
Can I still receive SGA funding if my department is also partially funding my trip?

  • You can. The two most important facts to remember are (1) the authorization to travel for you submit with your application must be approved, with a code at the bottom, and (2), SGA coordinator will create one voucher for the conference, combining funds SGA and the department will reimburse. SG will notify you when the voucher is ready for pick-up. You’ll retrieve your voucher (contained in an inter-departmental envelope with your name on it), sign the voucher and have the appropriate person from your department sign on the “Approval” line. You’ll then bring the voucher/envelope to Accounts Payable and leave it in their in-box.


Required Post-trip Documents and Vouchers

Why does my name have to be included on my credit card/bank statement?

  • SGA cannot reimburse any expenses paid by parents, professors, or anyone other than the student applying. In order to be reimbursed, students must submit a bank or credit card statement to correspond with each reimbursable receipt as proof of payment.
My parent’s name is on the statement, but we have a joint account. Can I still be reimbursed?

  • If you are a cardholder for the account you can still be reimbursed if you provide a copy of your card. As long as the card has your name and the last four digits match what’s on the statement, you can be reimbursed for those charges.
How long until I receive my reimbursement?

  • Once you sign your voucher, SGA obtains additional signatures, makes copies, and forwards you voucher to Accounts Payable. It usually takes AP a week or two to process reimbursements. They will mail you a check, though if you’re a UNO employee they may use direct deposit.
Why is this the process so cumbersome?

  • If the process seems cumbersome, that’s because the application must negotiate regulations from the university, the UL system, and the state—not to mention the current spending freeze. For students who are willing and able to meet requirements on time, the reimbursements are very helpful.
Can you provide a timeline?

  • Sure! The process goes something like this:
  • 1. Students submit their applications (including all required pre-trip documents).
  • 2. SGA reviews applications then lets students know if anything is missing. If nothing is missing, SGA lets students know once their applications have been approved. (This takes time, as SGA must create travel authorizations and obtain spending freeze exemptions for all travelers. As soon as the TA and SFE are approved, SGA notifies students.)
  • 3. Approved students submit post-trip documents.
  • 4. SGA reviews students’ post-trip documents then lets them know if anything is missing. If nothing is missing, SGA informs them once their vouchers are ready to sign.
  • 5. Approved students sign vouchers.
  • 6. SGA forwards all vouchers per conference to Accounts Payable together (once we receive all required post-trip documents, all vouchers are created and signed, and SGA obtains additional signatures and makes copies). The speed with which students receive their reimbursements depends on how soon they submit required documentation. The speed with which students receive their reimbursements depends on how soon they submit required documentation.