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Join SAC!

Interested in serving as part of the UNO SGA Programming Department?

Attend SAC meetings (Mondays at 4:30 p.m.) and volunteer at five (5) or more SAC events and you will be inducted as a voting member of the Student Activities Council!

The University of New Orleans is one of a kind. The Student Activities Council (SAC) is an important part of this identity! Our events are unique and have become a tradition on campus throughout the years. Events like the Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball, Welcome Back Luau, and SUCbAUF (pronounced “suck-off”) are still celebrated by our proud UNO alums. SAC’s mission is to help students have an awesome college experience at the University of New Orleans by improving student life. Our efforts contribute to a bigger goal that focuses on recruitment and retention.

 By joining SAC or participating in our events, students are not only helping the UNO community, but also helping themselves by developing time management, communication, and event planning skills. SAC members make the best out of their college experience.


Members of the Student Activities Council Executive Board
SAC President ElectLadajah Steele
President Elect
Shrederick King
Vice President
Ryan Williams
Treasurer & Communications Chair
Jai Washington
Event Chair - Special Events
Shelby Wall
Event Chair - Lagniappe
Miranda LeBeau
Event Chair - Cultural Arts
Ashten Roy
Event Chair - Entertainment
Devin Gaeta & Santana Mitchell
Advertising Chair & Marketing Intern
Maggie Roussell
Graduate Student Advisor