Election Information

The University of New Orleans Student Government Association (SGA) is made up of graduate and undergraduate students elected to represent students at the University. UNO SGA allocates over $100,000 a year to RSOs, student initiatives, sports clubs, and other various student-run organizations through legislation and budget allocations. UNO SGA also sponsors initiatives that address pressing issues on campus, from the sexual assault policy to accessibility for students with disabilities. UNO SGA seeks to play a role in all aspects of University life, from academic success and diversity to funding and dining.

Fall 2017 Election Timeline 

Deadline Event Notes
November 13th-17th Election Filing Period Candidates may complete the application for filing between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm during these days in the SGA office.
November 23rd Initial Expenditure Report Due by 9:00am An initial expenditure report must be filed before campaigning to outline the candidates planned expenses for the campaign.
TBA Mandatory Meeting
By Appointment Only
All qualified candidates must meet with the Election commissioner to discuss rules and sign the Oath of Candidacy prior to elections.
These meetings will be arranged by the Election commissioner.
November 23rd Sample Ballot Released Sample ballot will be displayed outside of the SGA office and in a onetime ad in the University Newspaper at least 2 days prior to elections.
The ballot may also be distributed in other places as the election commissioner sees fit.
Once the sample ballot has been distributed no changes can be made.
November 23rd Campaigning Begins
Not Allowed before 8:00am
Any campaigning before this date can result in disqualification.
Campaigning is any activity that is done to encourage or discourage voting for or against any person or issue.
Campaigning does not include private discussions concerning candidacy, prospective candidacy, or ticket formation.
November 28th Posting of Official Ballot Official Ballot posted.
November 30th General Election
Online Voting
Fall general elections will be held between October 1st and November 30th.
December 1st Final Expenditure Report Due by 10:00am Final Expenditure reports will be due by 10:00 am the day following the close of general elections.
December 1st Unofficial Results Announced At 4:30pm Election results will be posted 4:30 pm the day following the close of elections.
December 2nd Elections Final
By 4:30pm
If results are uncontested then they will become official 2 calendar days after the close of elections at 4:30 pm.
December 3rd Potential Run-Off Election If no candidate receives a simple majority of the votes cast for the respective seat, the two candidates with the most votes shall enter into a run-off election. The run-off election shall be held within five to seven calendar days after the general election.
December 4th Run-Off Final Expenditure Report Due by 10:00am Expenditure reports must be filed by 10:00 am the day following the close of elections.
December 4th Run- Off Elections Results At 4:30pm The results process of runoffs will follow the same processes of general elections.
December 5th Validation of Run-Off Elections Results at 4:30pm Results will become official within two days of the election results.

For more information, contact sga@uno.edu.