Election Information

The University of New Orleans Student Government Association (SGA) is made up of graduate and undergraduate students elected to represent students at the University. UNO SGA allocates over $100,000 a year to RSOs, student initiatives, sports clubs, and other various student-run organizations through legislation and budget allocations. UNO SGA also sponsors initiatives that address pressing issues on campus, from the sexual assault policy to accessibility for students with disabilities. UNO SGA seeks to play a role in all aspects of University life, from academic success and diversity to funding and dining.

Spring 2018 Election Timeline 

For more information, contact sga@uno.edu.

March 15 Announcement made through email.
March 21 Filing Period Begins.
March 27 Filing Period End.
April 4

Sample Ballot Released. 
Canidate's expenditure reports due to SGA office by 9:00 AM.
Campaigning Begins.

April 5


April 10

Official ballot released.

April 12

General Election begins at midnight. 

April 13

General Election ends at midnight. 
Final Expenditure reports due to SGA office by 9:00 AM. 

April 14

Results announced

April 16

Results become official if uncontested. 

April 19

Runoff election ends at midnight.

April 21

Runoff election results announced. 

April 23

Runoff Results are official.

April 30

Vice President of Legislative Affairs election in the senate meeting.