About SGA

Recognizing that the students must contribute to the building of a great university, we, the members of the student body of the University of New Orleans, pledge to create an effective student governing organization. The UNOSGA will provide a space through which students can: 

  • Express their concern for the welfare of students at the university; 
  • Develop and disseminate ideas for the improvement of student life and education; 
  • Contribute to the formation of relevant University policy; 
  • Control the allocation and budgeting of all Student Self Assessed Fees paid by students; 
  • Promote cooperation among UNO students, faculty, staff, and administration; 
  • Protect the rights of the UNO student body; 
  • Provide official channels through which the opinions and desires of UNO students may be expressed formally; 
  • Promote the academic freedom, responsibility, excellence, and diversity of UNO students; 
  • Foster awareness of the UNO student's position and welfare on campus, in the metropolitan area, state, national, and international community; 
  • Send represenatives to the local, state, and national governments to advocate on behalf of the UNO student body and UNO as an institution. 

The University of New Orleans Student Government Association represents all students at UNO because we are all students at UNO. Students are represented through senators by their college and classification.